Why Virtual Events are Now More Important than Ever

Why Virtual Events are Now More Important than Ever

Since the pandemic struck in March 2020 hosting events with large gatherings became impossible therefore Businesses had to transform their physical events into virtual ones.

Now that virtual events have become the new norm globally. And it looks like this trend is here to stay. Therefore, it’s essential to adapt to the times so that the business can scale.  Whether you are planning to host a big event with thousands of attendees or a small-scale one, there are prominent challenges and precautions to be taken, especially regarding the Sri Lankan event industry.

Therefore, a few solutions for a carefully curated and managed virtual event are below. First off Creating a strategy is foremost. In addition, it will leave everyone with an amazing virtual experience. Before hosting an engaging, entertaining, and impactful virtual event. We need to be SMART.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-based

Let’s talk on how we can be smart and seamlessly curate a virtual event in Sri Lanka.

01. Choose the right platform to host your virtual event

Choosing the online registration platform with lower fees can be a great way to cut ticket costs. Pick a streaming software platform that helps to meet a transformative experience for people, almost as if they were in a local event. Sri Lankans prefer using Zoom over other popular virtual conference platforms such as Cisco Webex, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

02. Promote the event

Promoting and marketing your event is key. If your potential attendees are not aware of your upcoming event, no one will attend. Identify the key selling points of your virtual event and develop a promotion strategy accordingly. Using social media platforms, especially Facebook, LinkedIn and also email campaigns are very effective in the Sri Lankan context to build up awareness.

03.Choose the right time for your event

it’s important to know where all of your attendees will be participating, depending on form responses, you may need to adjust your event schedule without overlapping time conflicts among the attendees to those in faraway time zones.

04.Engage your audience

Encourage the participants to have conversations with one another and to ask questions from the hosts. Spark conversations further by sharing resources like PPTs and videos, which are useful, interesting, or fun.

05.Use Zoom Meetings for Camera Access

Access to video will help make your event instantly feel more real, this allows you to give everyone the option to show their face so the host and other attendees can see it like a real event.

Most of the successful event management companies in Sri Lanka like TIIKM Events have been relying on zoom meetings for their virtual and hybrid events. As a pioneer in conducting major virtual events in the country, we have been continuously following the above facts for close to 2+ years by Giving attendees the ultimate virtual event experience.

Now the fun part: What do we have to consider when the virtual event is in action?

  • MONITOR EVENT ATTENDEE ENGAGEMENT – Ensure attendees have ways to interact in real-time through gamification, Q & As, or live-to poll.
  • CAPTURE ATTENDEE DATA – Record session attendance rates.
  • FACILITATE NETWORKING – Provide break-out sessions between live presentations.

Once the event is said and done, collecting data and content generated by the event is crucial.

Hence why the event organizers must send – A Feedback Survey to all the attendees: Make sure the survey isn’t tedious to complete and asks for direct, useful information.

Next, check in with speakers, volunteers, and moderators and express your gratitude for their efforts in this special eventNot only is its good manners but making sure they know their efforts were appreciated can make them more likely to participate in the future.

Eventually, as the event organizers ask yourself the following questions as you analyse the event data:

  • Did you meet your expected event goals?
  • How did the event stack up to your expectations?
  • Did the virtual experience check the same boxes as a physical event?

While we understand the liberty of face-to-face interaction, virtual events provide an important opportunity to reach a broader audience than centralized ones, while keeping the attendees safe, immersive, and entertaining.

On the other hand, make sure to choose an event management company by setting up research from a well-trusted source. In Sri Lanka, there are a number of companies that recommend TIIKM Events as one of the best solutions for any events from small scale to large scale. Recently CIPM, concluded its 6th international research symposium 2022 as a hybrid event using the zoom platform with 350+ participants. It included 10 parallel technical sessions while allowing the participants to present their research findings.

 Another historical event conducted was the Inaugural National Marketing Day of Sri Lanka conducted by the Open University of Sri Lanka. Most importantly this day was graced by the modern guru of marketing Prof. Philip Kotler. All these events have been a major success with a lasting memory for all the participants.

As per these leading entities of Sri Lanka, the professional knowledge of the TIIKM events technical crew were magnificent in conducting any of the events. The expertise and knowledge in this particular area have given undoubtedly a remarkable place in the industry for TIIKM Events.


TIIKM Events is a premier event organizing company pioneering the paradigm shift in organizing events that allows clients to experience their dream event through the reality they desire.


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