Unveiling the Success Story Behind
‘TIIKM Events’

The success story behind the TIIKM Events started 06 years back as a physical event solution provider which was specialized for coordinating Conferences and Academic Events. From the stage of concept development to the point of making it real, they have been following a unique way in achieving its clients’ expectations by showcasing its professionalism. When going down the memory lane of TIIKM Events, it has extended the expertise knowledge successfully in managing remarkable events in the history of Sri Lankan events including the inauguration ceremony of Jaffna International Airport, World Heart Day 2018, HSBC Power Breakfast Conference, Optima Loyalty Night and SLMA Health Run & Walk.

As it says there’s a silver line in every dark cloud, COVID 19 Pandemic made TIIKM Events to take a new turn by expanding its services into the virtual events. Most importantly TIIKM Events was one of the very first virtual event solution providers in Sri Lanka amid the chaos happened around the world in 2020. Due to the continuous experiments and efforts, TIIKM Events could deliver its technical and strategical knowledge to both government and private sector in overcoming the hindrances of new normal conditions.

At present more than 60+ leading brands in Sri Lanka has entrusted their event management activities in the hands of TIIKM Events. Those are as follows, 

Contact 077 0809657/074 0630010 TIIKM Events for any exclusive service with reference to Conferences, Academic events, Exhibitions, Awarding Ceremonies, Annual General Meetings and Gala Dinners.