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Our Services

We are specialized in handling the event range virtual, physical and event Hybrid events.


Conferences are our thing! From the point of conceptualization, TIIKM Events can cover you up through abstract collection, reviewing processes, publications, attendee management, marketing, sponsorships and post-conference procedures.


Handling a convention requires experience. TIIKM Events has successfully handled a bunch of local and international conventions with the government and private sectors over the past years.

Academic Events

With the collaboration of local to international universities and institutes we are bringing out the Orations, Inaugurations, Graduations, Workshops, and even the AGMs.

Professional Events

Forums, Symposiums, International workshops & trainings, Ceremonial events, Award ceremonies, client and supplier recognition events

Brand Activation

To Make your brand image to be placed in next level even if you don’t have a concept we create your expected level of brand activation program and support to make your brand activation event a town storm.


Not only the educational but also the trade exhibition we are open to support your exhibition a fresh experience event with the support from sponsors and designing your unique stalls and make them into the real to attract your target audience.

Intensive Tours

Our capacity of planning your next intensive tour with us to make great and memorable moments with event experience in the island is our most excitement. Merely not to make another international tour but to make remarkable memories with tailormade event experience will be always arrange for your intensive tour with us.

Outdoor Gathering

We can plan your themed annual gathering with preferred and creative unique thematic event with unforgettable experience event in outdoor premises.


If the food element of an event go unsatisfactory, all your efforts to create a wow event goes in vain. Let us handle the job of catering at your event. 0 complaints are guaranteed.

Artists Booking

Planning an event/ show yourself? Great!! TIIKM Events is ready to help you out. Thanks to the pool of contacts we have, we can book the artist you need for you.

Fashion Shows

It’s all about color and glamour. TIIKM Events is ready to bring new fashion trends into the limelight via world-class fashion shows- partnering with you.

Speaking Engagements

No event is successful if that’s not engaging and interactive enough. This is why TIIKM Events always suggests including speaking engagements in the events. If you are struggling with how to do this, just contact us.


Advertising is an art, and we at TIIKM Events have mastered it. Be it a project or any event, we are ready to help you out with advertising. We cover all ATL and BTL aspects.

Cooperate Events

With the hectic work schedules, the corporate sector is having, it’s quite impossible for them to take care of events. TIIKM Events is here to simplify this task for them, professionally and perfectly.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the newest trend. TIIKM Events shall help you execute the best social media plans to promote your brand / give that special message to the target market.

Media Campaigns

Thanks to creative we are blessed with; we are the experts in creating the best media strategies out there. We strive to give the right message to the right audience on behalf of you.

Printing Services

We at TIIKM Events offer quality printing services. Even at an instance where an urgent and immediate print has to be done, we are just one call away and your work is done.

Photography & Videography

Be it covering a special event or a product shoot, we have the best team with us to help you with photography and videography. You are sure to admire the creative eye that our team possesses.

Sound, Light & Stage Setup

No matter how hard you work for an event, all your efforts will go in vain if the final day of the event goes wrong. Let us handle sounds, lights and the stage, so that the wow-vibe remains.

Filming & Documentaries

Have a story that needs to be revealed? Come to us with your basic requirement. Let us come up with a concept, and then do all the filming and dubbing for you.

Virtual Event Platforms & Management

Going virtual is the new thing! So, why not trust us for your upcoming virtual event to impress your online guests?

Product Launching

Introducing your new product in front of the right audience needs perfect planning. Since this is the first step of a successful brand story, make sure you let a professional team handle this.

Live Streaming

Love to see the whole world watching your event / program live??? TIIKM Events shall help you with hassle-free live streaming services with 0 technical errors.

Sport Events

We at TIIKM Events absolutely love everything about powerful experiences. Be it soft or hard adventures / sporting events, we give our best to offer a wow experience.

Team Building

We are a team powered by synergy. Thus, we help every other team to build up, and that’s why we are considered a great events partner in the corporate sector for managing Team Building events.

Web Development

In this digitalized world, a website is a powerful brand tool. If you are facing struggles to get a website made for yourself / your company, let us know. We can surely help you out.


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