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Unicef - Regional Advisory Group Workshop on Faith Actors for Child Rights and Well-Being

As the foremost authority in event management and consultancy, we are delighted to announce the successful completion of the UNICEF Workshop on Engaging Faith Actors in Child Rights and Well-Being. This momentous event took place from the 13th to the 15th of August 2023 and was hosted at the prestigious Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Unicef - Regional Advisory Group Workshop on Faith Actors for Child Rights and Well-Being

Spanning three enriching days, this workshop brought together over 60 participants from a diverse array of backgrounds and expertise, representing more than eight countries. The collaborative spirit and dedication exhibited by participants were truly exceptional.

The Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, with its exquisite surroundings and world-class facilities, provided an ideal backdrop for this significant gathering. Its serene ambiance and top-notch amenities ensured that all attendees experienced the utmost comfort and convenience throughout the event.

The workshop was an unparalleled opportunity for knowledge exchange, networking, and strategizing. It delved into critical issues surrounding child rights and well-being, emphasizing the pivotal role that faith-based organizations play in advocating for these rights. Discussions were rich, diverse, and forward-thinking, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among all those present.

The workshops and sessions were carefully curated to provide deep insights into the challenges and opportunities in championing child rights within diverse faith contexts. Expert speakers and facilitators engaged the participants in stimulating dialogues, enabling them to glean valuable perspectives and practical approaches to address the evolving needs of children.

The success of this workshop would not have been possible without the dedication of our team, the enthusiasm of the participants, and the support of UNICEF. Together, we have taken meaningful steps towards empowering faith actors to become even more effective advocates for child rights and well-being.

As the official event management company, we are immensely proud to have contributed to the realization of this important initiative. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing to support and facilitate such impactful gatherings in the future.

Thank you to all who were part of this remarkable event, and we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that will emanate from the insights and collaborations forged during the UNICEF – Regional Advisory Group Workshop on Faith Actors for Child Rights and Well-Being.

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