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International Conference on
Building Resilience in Tropical Agro-Ecosystem

3 Consecutive days & 8 parallel sessions of the professional at the same location. Event management by Tiikm Events. A major agroecosystem project with the collective combination of 5 key universities in Sri Lanka and Europian Universities. Also, the Project was under the grant commission execution of education agro cultural development. The major objective of the conference was to focus on environmental projection technology.

International Conference on Building Resilience in Tropical Agro-Ecosystem (ICBRITAE) 2023

Step into a world where knowledge, innovation, and collaboration intertwine for an immersive experience spanning three consecutive days and eight parallel sessions. Nestled within the grandiose walls of the iconic Galle Face Hotel, this extraordinary event comes to life under the meticulous event management of Tiikm Events, renowned for their impeccable execution.

At the heart of this captivating gathering lies a major agroecosystem project that weaves together the intellectual prowess of five key universities in Sri Lanka and their European counterparts. This collective combination of academic powerhouses forms an unbreakable bond, propelling the project’s aspirations to new heights. Together, these institutions ignite a spark of ingenuity that promises to shape the agroecosystem landscape for years to come.

Under the auspices of the grant commission for education agro-cultural development, the project embarks on an ambitious journey towards sustainable advancement. Fueled by a shared vision, the project envisions a future where agriculture and ecology seamlessly coexist, harmonizing societal needs with environmental preservation. This conference stands as a testament to the project’s grand ambitions, poised to accelerate its progress and transform the agroecosystem domain.

On the 15th of March 2023, the captivating halls of the Galle Face Hotel brim with anticipation as attendees from around the globe converge to immerse themselves in the realm of environmental projection technology. With this innovative theme serving as its guiding star, the conference seeks to illuminate the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies in safeguarding our planet’s delicate ecosystem.

As the event unfolds, a tapestry of thought-provoking presentations, interactive workshops, and lively discussions come to life. Across the eight parallel sessions, experts from various disciplines converge to share their groundbreaking research, exchange ideas, and kindle collaborations that transcend borders. From breakthrough scientific discoveries to visionary policy frameworks, the conference acts as a melting pot of knowledge, nurturing a fertile ground for innovation and collective problem-solving.

Outside the confines of the sessions, the vibrancy of the event permeates every corner. The bustling exhibition area showcases a cornucopia of prototypes, innovative solutions, and awe-inspiring demonstrations, captivating the senses and igniting the imagination. Attendees embark on a journey through a world of possibilities, where environmental projection technology unfolds its immense potential, revolutionizing how we interact with and protect our natural environment.

Beyond the exchange of ideas, the conference fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and networking. Attendees seize the opportunity to forge lasting professional connections, engage in captivating conversations, and lay the foundation for collaborative projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries. The energy of the gathering permeates the air, driving inspiration and igniting a shared passion for a sustainable future.

As the conference draws to a close, a profound sense of accomplishment lingers. The three consecutive days have birthed a wave of inspiration, cementing the conference’s place as a pivotal milestone in the realm of agroecosystem development. Armed with newfound knowledge, global networks, and a deep sense of purpose, attendees depart from the Galle Face Hotel, carrying the transformative spirit of the conference within them, ready to catalyze change in their respective fields.

This extraordinary event, marked by its seamless organization, visionary objectives, and the indomitable spirit of Tiikm Events, will be remembered as a beacon of progress in the realm of agroecosystem development. As the echoes of the conference fade, the legacy lives on, as the collaboration between universities, the project’s ambitious goals, and the unwavering commitment to environmental projection technology continue to shape a sustainable future for generations to come.

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